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Kids Can Cook

DESCRIPTION: A cooking competition aimed at getting primary school kids into the kitchen is coming to Auckland this August. The Kids Can Cook competition is open to children from Year 1 to Year 8 who attend a ... more
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NZ Specialty Coffee Association (NZSCA)

DESCRIPTION: The NZ Specialty Coffee Association (NZSCA), formerly the NZ Coffee Roasters Association (NZCRA), was formed in 2005 and is the national representative body for specialty coffee stakeholders in New ... more
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Kaibosh Food Rescue

DESCRIPTION: Zero food poverty, zero food waste. Kaibosh is Wellington’s only dedicated food rescue organisation (Charities Commission # CC38367). We are the link between food producers and organisations that ... more
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Onions New Zealand Inc

DESCRIPTION: Onions New Zealand Inc was established to: Identify, develop and maintain competitive advantages for the benefit of the New Zealand Onion ... more
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Hawke's Bay A & P Bayleys Wine Awards

DESCRIPTION: The Hawke's Bay A & P Bayleys Wine Awards is organised and event managed by the Hawke’s Bay A&P Society. The committee is made up of Wine Industry and Hawke’s Bay A&P Society ... more
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Prolife Foods spreads into jam business

Waikato-based food manufacturer Prolife Foods has expanded its brand portfolio this month by purchasing Kiwi jam business, Te Horo. Made on a family farm on the Kapiti Coast since 1991, Te Horo jam is a soft set, fruity jam using 100% New Zealand fruit, originating from a history of family recipes. Prolife Foods CEO, Andrew Smith says, “We are delighted to expand our portfolio into the jam business with such a fantastic product made from local New Zealand produce.” “Prolife’s spreads range started with honey and peanut butter last year and Te ... more


The History of Ice Cream in New Zealand: The history of the ice cream industry in this country is fascinating  - the product that we all love, in fact was often handicapped through the years by the perception that it was frivolous and non-essential.

From the restrictive, Victorian Sunday trading laws that persisted into the 1950s, to wartime rationing of sugar and milkfat (being prosecuted for having too much cream in their ice cream!), to PM Robert Muldoon's 1979 20% sales tax on ice cream alone. Disowned by the booming dairy industry, at the mercy of the nationalised Town Milk industry, and yet dependent on both for ingredients, ice cream manufacturers had to forge their own path.

Technology, geography, politics, pricing, and archaic legislation were often against them, and eventually they had to work together to survive. The New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturers Association was incorporated in 1927, and has represented the industry ever since.

So who would have thought, especially from today's perspective, that ice cream would come to be seen as a genuine health food?

Claimed to be "a nutritious food", with "high food content", "properties that represent the finest, invigorating vitamines for the human system", and  “extremely valuable … in some of the most serious forms of illness and in convalescence.” In fact, the original company that launched the Tip Top ice cream brand in Wellington in 1935 was called Health Foods Ltd.

At one time, it was proposed that ice cream be distributed free to all New Zealand school children, instead of milk.

And during World War II, it was thought to be so important for morale that mini ice cream factories, ice cream mix, and even ice cream trucks were shipped from New Zealand to our troops fighting in the Middle East and in the Pacific.

Read much, much more in the NZ Ice Cream Manufacturers' Assn's "History of Ice Cream in New Zealand":

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Dairy prices down for 10th time in a row at auction

Whole milk powder prices, which are key to determining Fonterra's farmgate mik price, dropped by 10.3 per cent to US$1,590 a tonne at this morning's GlobalDairyTrade (GDT) auction. Overall, the ... more

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Academics’ criticism of breakfast cereals irresponsible, error-ridden

A claim by university academics that breakfast cereal is associated with obesity and among “the unhealthiest food available” in New Zealand supermarkets is incorrect and irresponsible, ... more

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International accolades keep coming for NZ food scientist, Professor Harjinder Singh

The American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) has awarded Distinguished Professor Harjinder Singh its 2015 International Dairy Foods Association Award in Dairy Food Processing. Photo: Roger ... more

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Hospo forum designed to inspire

Auckland conference attracts international keynote speakers It’s commonly accepted that members of the hospitality industry are past masters at celebrating their profession. However, ... more

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Horticulture presents awards for outstanding industry contributions

The New Zealand horticulture industry gave its premier award, the Bledisloe Cup, to long-serving fruit industry consultant John Wilton, of Hawke's Bay, on Tuesday night. The award was ... more

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Nestlé's 'Choose Wellness' a great example of FGC members promoting good health

At a time when obesity is a serious issue for New Zealand, members of the NZ Food & Grocery Council continue to play their part in the solution, says NZ Food & Grocery Council Chief Executive ... more

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Bayer Wairarapa Young Viticulturist of the Year 2015 announced

A great win for Mark Langlands from Te Kairanga as he becomes the Bayer Wairarapa Young Viticulturist of the Year 2015. Contestants battled it out at Te Kairanga Vineyard with their final ... more

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More food activist research from Auckland University

The latest research from Auckland University on packaged foods in New Zealand supermarkets is another disappointing example of food politicking dressed up as academic research, says NZ Food & ... more

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Kiwi developed sugar substitute to tackle obesity problem

A new low-calorie sugar alternative made entirely from fruit and developed by Kiwis, is set to offer companies around the world a natural way to reduce sugar in everyday foods and beverages such as ... more

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Top Kiwi chefs announced as judges for kids cooking competition

A cooking competition aimed at getting primary school kids into the kitchen is coming to Auckland this August. Competition organisers NZChefs are thrilled to announce that top New Zealand Chef ... more

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Childrens cooking competition aims to tackle obesity later on

New Zealand is raising a generation of kitchen strangers, a trend that concerns the NZ Nutrition Foundation. With parents more likely to consult their teenagers about what takeaway meals to ... more

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Isagenix diet and 'detox' products unhealthy for children - nutritionists

A company promoting meal replacement shakes, detox pills and other weight-loss products for children claims to have the solution to the child obesity epidemic. However, nutrition experts say ... more

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NZ blackcurrants good for brain

Research has shown that New Zealand blackcurrants are good for keeping us mentally young and agile, a finding that could have potential in managing the mental decline associated with aging ... more