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If you are purchasing a Directory Listing on behalf of a company, association, partnership or other such entity:
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When submitting a Listing for publication in the FoodWorks Directory you must provide all required information (including your name, contact details and organisation details) or we might not be able to process the Listing.

The price payable for a Directory Listing ordered by you shall be the price displayed on the FoodWorks Directory website at the time your Listing is submitted.

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FoodWorks Online Limited does not endorse or in any way guarantee the products, services and/or advice of organisations and websites listed in the FoodWorks Directory, and no warranty or guarantee is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of information provided.

Privacy statement:


For information about the New Zealand Privacy Act and how it protects all personal information in New Zealand, click here

FoodWorks Online Limited is committed to protecting your privacy. All information you provide us, or which we hold concerning you, is treated as confidential.


We will only use information about you for the following purposes:

To assist us in updating and maintaining the accuracy of the information incorporated in your organisation's Listing in the FoodWorks Directory;

To request more details with respect to your submitted news item, event, or your organisation's Listing in the FoodWorks Directory;

To confirm publication of your submitted news item, event, or your organisation's Listing in the FoodWorks Directory;

To inform you of new developments in our range of services that we consider might be of interest to you.

To remove your Listing from the FoodWorks Directory, you can
- unsubscribe via the RENEW OR UPDATE A LISTING link at any time,
- just ignore your Renewal reminder at the end of the 12-month listing period, or
- contact the Directory Editor, [email protected].


When you register to submit a Directory Listing for publication on this website, www.foodworks.co.nz, we create an account to record your details for contact, and/or invoicing, and at that time will provide you with a User Name and Password that you can use on subsequent visits to access, monitor, edit and Renew your Listing as published.

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