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Ministry of Health

DESCRIPTION: The Government's principal advisor on health and disability: improving, promoting and protecting the health of all New Zealanders. The Ministry of Health aims to ensure that the health and disability support system works for all New Zealanders. The Ministry of Health provides policy advice to the Government on nutrition, including breastfeeding. It ensures that its policies, programmes and health education resources relevant to nutrition have a sound technical basis that is reviewed and updated eg, the Ministry's work on nutrition is integrally linked to the Healthy Eating Healthy Action strategy and implementation, and forms part of the Healthy Eating Healthy Action technical policy base. The Ministry also collects and maintains food consumption and food composition databases by conducting national nutrition surveys, and funding services to promote healthy eating and physical activity. Working across Government, with the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA), NGOs and internationally is also part of our work.
KEY WORDS: Ministry of Health, MoH, health, nutrition, health of older people, obesity, Healthy Eating Healthy Action, HeHa,

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MPI - Ministry for Primary Industries

DESCRIPTION: Our vision is to grow and protect New Zealand. We do this by: maximising export opportunities for the primary industries; improving sector productivity; increasing sustainable resource use; and protecting New Zealand from biological risk. MPI is a new ministry formed from the merger of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Ministry of Fisheries and the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.
KEY WORDS: MPI, Ministry for Primary Industries, MAF, agriculture, New Zealand Food Safety Authority, NZFSA, food, agency, ministry, government agency

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MPI Food Safety

DESCRIPTION: A single food safety agency for the management of food related risks from "farmgate to the consumer’s plate.” On 1 July 2010, the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) were amalgamated. On 1 July 2011, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Ministry of Fisheries merged to create a single agency spanning the whole of the primary sector. The new ministry became the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) on 30 April 2012. MPI’s functions are centered around New Zealand’s primary industries. We work to improve the productivity and environmental performance of those sectors, connect them with international markets, manage risk to New Zealand’s biological foundations, and provide assurances about the integrity of food and other products. MPI Food Safety is mandated "to protect consumers by providing an effective food regulatory programme covering food produced and consumed in New Zealand as well as imports and exports of food products." Directory of Food Safety Programme consultants, and a directory of Risk Management Programme Consultants. MPI Food Safety’s consumer-oriented activities can be accessed on a separate site —
KEY WORDS: MPI Food Safety, NZFSA, food safety, agency, authority, regulatory programme, food exports, food imports, food control plans, recalls, hygiene, food handling, Food Safety Programme, directory of Food Safety Programme consultants, directory of Risk Management Programme Consultants

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New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

DESCRIPTION: New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) is the Government’s international business development agency. Our purpose is to grow companies internationally – bigger, better, faster – for the benefit of New Zealand. We work to increase New Zealand companies’ international success by helping them boost their global reach and build capability. We use our connections and government influence on behalf of businesses, and apply local knowledge – from the NZTE team and a network of private sector experts – to help them enter and grow in international markets. We also link businesses with services designed to improve efficiency and operations, spark innovation, refine strategy, enhance leadership, and access capital – building the capability they need to be successful. More successful international businesses will grow our economy to benefit all New Zealanders, by providing jobs and raising our standard of living.
KEY WORDS: NZTE, New Zealand, trade, NZ Inc, partners, government agency, department, business community, our national brand, helping businesses to open doors in global markets.

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Science + Innovation Group, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE)

DESCRIPTION: 'Leading the science and innovation ecosystem to deliver a step change to New Zealanders’ prosperity and wellbeing.' The Science + Innovation Group, MBIE, has an ambitious mandate to transform New Zealand by driving science and innovation to increase our economic, environmental and social performance. We will do this through our strategic leadership and by partnering with the science and innovation sector and through the networks we build across government, research organisations, business and industry. MBIE integrates the functions of four former agencies – the Department of Building and Housing, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Department of Labour and the Ministry of Science and Innovation.
KEY WORDS: Science + Innovation Group, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, MBIE, research, science, technology, MoRST, policy, advice, RS&T, CRI's,

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Stats NZ

DESCRIPTION: Stats NZ (Tatauranga Aotearoa) is a government department and New Zealand's national statistical office. It administers the Statistics Act 1975, and is the country's major source of official statistics. Its chief executive has the title of Government Statistician.
KEY WORDS: Stats NZ, Statistics New Zealand, Food Price Index, FPI, Consumers Price Index, CPI,

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The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) Business

DESCRIPTION: The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) Business site provides a huge range of information, resources and tools aimed at ways businesses can save money and improve energy efficiency. Information includes funding and grants available, cost cutting measures and case studies which feature real life food-related business projects that have cut their energy bills and improved their energy efficiency. Energy savings go straight to the bottom line - for information about being smarter with your energy use, visit the EECA Business website
KEY WORDS: energy bills, energy efficiency.

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