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DESCRIPTION: BioGro is New Zealand's leading organic certification agency. BioGro is a not-for-profit organic producer and consumer organisation, actively working to grow organics in New Zealand. Established in 1983, BioGro now certifies over 900 operations across New Zealand's primary production, processing, farm input supply, export, and retail sectors. BioGro trademarks more than $100 million worth of product every year. BioGro provides professional auditing and certification services and holds ISO 17020/EN 45004 accreditation. Developed over 25 years, especially for New Zealand organic producers, the BioGro NZ Organic Standards are practical and achievable. BioGro New Zealand and its registered trademark are owned by The New Zealand Biological Producers and Consumers Society (NZBPCS). NZBPCS is a not for profit, incorporated society and registered charity - an industry and consumer organisation supported by its members and directed by a board of councillors. BioGro is one of just 30 international organic certification agencies accredited by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). IFOAM represents the best in international organic standards.
KEY WORDS: New Zealand Biological Producers, NZBPCS, BioGro NZ Organic Standards. BioGro is an approved Third Party Agency with the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) for exports of BioGro certified products to Europe and USA through the NZFSA Official Organic Assurance Programme. View our International Accreditation Documents in PDF format IFOAM, Canada, Quebec, JAS-ANZ

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DESCRIPTION: ESR can help protect your markets by testing your food products to the highest scientific standards of any organisation in New Zealand. A truly independent and globally networked organisation providing IANZ accredited analyses for food, water, meat, fish and dairy. We offering chemical, microbiological (bacteria & viruses) and physical testing, in times of crisis and not. ESR has the networks, knowledge and track record to help you work effectively with many NZ government agencies on food safety and quality issues.
KEY WORDS: ESR, food safety, food forensics, consulting, HACCP, science, research, Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, chemistry, microbiology, pesticides, food supply, environmental health, public health, communicable disease, foodborne illness, pathogens, shellfish, mussels, oysters, virus, aquatic, marine, water quality, freshwater, regulatory, contamination, hazards, health, interpretation, investigation, expert witness, toxins, algae, risk assessment, glass fragments, heavy metals, fungal toxins, olive oil, halal, meat dna speciation, allergen, health, pure beef, E.coli, listeria, salmonella, norovirus, diet survey, biowaste

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Fine Food New Zealand

DESCRIPTION: Fine Food New Zealand is the nationís leading trade event for the food retail, foodservice and hospitality industries. Every 2 years the food industry is invited to discover cutting-edge food, beverage, and equipment from leading producers, learn about the latest industry trends and innovations, make vital new contacts, and network with peers.
KEY WORDS: Fine Food, Fine Food NZ, New Zealand Fine Food, food event, food industry, North Port Events, foodservice, packaging, drinks, coffee, hospitality, equipment, dairy, retail, equipment, artisan, top shelf, bakery, confectionery, cheese, gluten free, distributors, gourmet, seminars, trade, trade event, expo, exhibition

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Foodtech Applications Ltd

DESCRIPTION: David is the sole experienced food technologist working within Foodtech Applications Ltd., a consultancy offering a range of services supporting the food industry. His experience is based on 30 years of applying food technology and management skills across a broad cross-section of food industry companies. He offers specific skills including food safety programme development and management, product and process development, food product labelling. He has been food technologist involved in two Food Awards including one Supreme award.
KEY WORDS: David Bayliss, Foodtech Applications, Food Safety and Quality, Product and Process Development, Labelling and Compliance, Technical Support and Project Management. HACCP studies, VITAL allergen labeling.

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Massey University Nutrition Laboratory

DESCRIPTION: Specialising in analysis of food, plant and animal products we have a wide range of tests available including amino acid and fatty acid profiles, rancidity, calorific content, ELISA, RIA, total dietary fibre, NDF, ADF, lignin, fat, protein, shelf life testing, hormones, metabolites, enzymes and many more. The Nutrition Laboratory has been IANZ accredited to ISO 17025 since 2005 and is a Ministry of Health recommended agency offering full nutrition and consultancy services for food labelling to comply with Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ). Analysis of AAFCO nutrient profiles for pet food to complete and balanced status.
As a research unit working within the Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health the Nutrition Laboratory is recognized both in New Zealand and internationally for its expertise in a wide range of analyses. Development of new methods may be available on request.

KEY WORDS: Massey, analysis, analyses, assay, testing, labeling, nutrition, laboratory, nutrition labeling, analytical, amino acids, fatty acids, rancidity, calorific content, ELISA, RIA, total dietary fibre, NDF, ADF, lignin, fat, protein, shelf life testing, pet food, AAFCO, hormones, metabolites, enzymes.

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MPI Food Safety

DESCRIPTION: A single food safety agency for the management of food related risks from "farmgate to the consumerís plate.Ē On 1 July 2010, the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) were amalgamated. On 1 July 2011, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Ministry of Fisheries merged to create a single agency spanning the whole of the primary sector. The new ministry became the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) on 30 April 2012. MPIís functions are centered around New Zealandís primary industries. We work to improve the productivity and environmental performance of those sectors, connect them with international markets, manage risk to New Zealandís biological foundations, and provide assurances about the integrity of food and other products. MPI Food Safety is mandated "to protect consumers by providing an effective food regulatory programme covering food produced and consumed in New Zealand as well as imports and exports of food products." Directory of Food Safety Programme consultants, and a directory of Risk Management Programme Consultants. MPI Food Safetyís consumer-oriented activities can be accessed on a separate site ó
KEY WORDS: MPI Food Safety, NZFSA, food safety, agency, authority, regulatory programme, food exports, food imports, food control plans, recalls, hygiene, food handling, Food Safety Programme, directory of Food Safety Programme consultants, directory of Risk Management Programme Consultants

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DESCRIPTION: NZOQ is a non-profit, professional society dedicated to providing leadership in the adoption of the principles of quality management and best practice in New Zealand. Quality is vital to New Zealand organisations and individuals if they are to succeed in the increasingly competitive marketplace. Since 1977, we have provided leadership in the advancement of quality management and best business practices. NZOQ's strength is the diversity of our members whose skills and experience span the spectrum of New Zealand industry sectors. We support our members through networking, information sharing and training initiatives. NZOQ is also a registered Private Training Establishment (PTE).
KEY WORDS: NZOQ, New Zealand Organisation for Quality, Quality, Workplace, Environment, Quality, Non-profit, Professional, Leadership, Management, ISO 9000, ISO 90001, ISO 9004, QNewZ

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WaterTest Products

DESCRIPTION: Watertest Products are the sole distributors of LaMotte water quality testing products for New Zealand. This includes portable test equipment, test kits, reagents, test strips and sampling equipment. We are also re-sellers of Wilden and Graco double diaphragm pumps. We hold a large stock of test strips and kits.
KEY WORDS: Watertest Products, Process Pumps, Lamotte, Macherey Nagel, Quantofix, Wilden, Graco, Double Diaphragm Pumps, Test Strips, Test Kits, Water Testing, Sanitation, Water Quality, Meters, Biopaddles, Ph, QAC, Peracetic, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sanitiser, Sanitizer, Conductivity, Tracer, DPD, Instatest, Acidity, Colorimeter, Titrimetric, Chlorine, Spectrophotometer, Photometer, ORP, Salt, TDS, Coliform, E-coli, Fluoride, Turbidity, Polyquat, Phosphate, Ozone, Hardness, DO, Dissolved Oxygen

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