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Futureintech - Careers in Technology, Engineering & Science

DESCRIPTION: Futureintech can help you find a rewarding career. Careers in technology, engineering and science are among the most exciting, varied and rewarding possible. They offer opportunities to travel, to make genuine new discoveries, to work with creative, like-minded people and to make a practical difference to the world around you. Futureintech was set up to provide you - the student, the teacher, the caregiver, the careers advisor - with the tools, insight and advice you need to discover the vast range of careers out there. Discover what graduates working in the technology, engineering and science-based love about their jobs, how they got where they are, what their job actually involves and what skills and qualities you need to follow their career pathway. And you can find out about what and where to study - and how you might be able to get financial help - as well as learning a bit about the companies that employ technologists, engineers and scientists in New Zealand. Futureintech is a Government-funded initiative of the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ), the professional body for the engineering profession.
KEY WORDS: Careers, job options, profiles, technologists, technology, engineers, engineering and scientists, science, Futureintech Ambassadors, schools. Visiting Industry Professionals (VIP) Scheme, IPENZ, Callaghan Innovation.

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NZIFST Careers & Education in Food Science, Technology & Engineering

DESCRIPTION: Virtually every food item you see in the supermarket will have had some input from a Food Scientist, Food Technologist or Food Engineer during its development. They use science and engineering to develop, process and package safe, nutritious and appealing food products. As well as requiring technical skills, their work may include business development, marketing and management. The work is varied, stimulating, challenging and offers excellent career prospects.
KEY WORDS: Careers, courses and qualifications in food science, food technology and food engineering. NZIFST/CREST Student Product Development Challenge. Futureintech ambassadors. Secondary school teaching resources. Food Industry Big Day Out.

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