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Curds & Whey

DESCRIPTION: We specialise in all aspects of Food particularly dairy which covers both the commercial and artisan dairy market
KEY WORDS: ANZAC agent for C van't Riet Dairy Technology Holland specialising in commercial dairy installations and Italian Food Technology specialising in commercial Food Shelving; provider Precision Cut Textiles Ltd UK of blue disposable Cheesecloth; Sacco Italian cultures enzymes & yeasts

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Envirolyte NZ Limited

DESCRIPTION: Replacing toxic chemicals, Envirolyte®'s in situ electrolysis of salt and water creates solutions with unparalleled performance as sanitisers, disinfectants and cleaners, while preserving the environment. E.Coli? or something more serious? No problem. ANOLYTE is biocidal and sporacidal and especially effective on viruses. CATHOLYTE is a mild non foaming detergent - for all-purpose cleaning, removing biofilm, proteins and fats. With over 25 models available ex-stock, from compact manual units to fully automated CIP installations, Envirolyte® has technology available to cover all industrial and commercial waste treatment and water sanitising compliance requirements.
KEY WORDS: Environmentally responsible cleaning and sanitising solutions for domestic and industrial use. Envirolyte®, ANOLYTE, CATHOLYTE, fogging, CIP, water treatment, condensate treatment, waste treatment, cooling tower water treatment, water tank treatment, biocide, sporacide, bacteriocide,

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WaterTest Products

DESCRIPTION: Watertest Products are the sole distributors of LaMotte water quality testing products for New Zealand. This includes portable test equipment, test kits, reagents, test strips and sampling equipment. We are also re-sellers of Wilden and Graco double diaphragm pumps. We hold a large stock of test strips and kits.
KEY WORDS: Watertest Products, Process Pumps, Lamotte, Macherey Nagel, Quantofix, Wilden, Graco, Double Diaphragm Pumps, Test Strips, Test Kits, Water Testing, Sanitation, Water Quality, Meters, Biopaddles, Ph, QAC, Peracetic, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sanitiser, Sanitizer, Conductivity, Tracer, DPD, Instatest, Acidity, Colorimeter, Titrimetric, Chlorine, Spectrophotometer, Photometer, ORP, Salt, TDS, Coliform, E-coli, Fluoride, Turbidity, Polyquat, Phosphate, Ozone, Hardness, DO, Dissolved Oxygen

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