Whairora: natural goodness made easy

Balancing the demands of today’s busy lifestyle with making healthy food choices just got easier.

Whaiora is a nutritious and delicious new range of authentic, real-food smoothie blends that makes it quick and easy to get the goodness in.

Whaiora is Maori for ‘the pursuit of wellbeing’, and that’s what we’re about.

These smoothie blends are made from carefully-sourced fruit, vegetables, oats, milk and honey —and that’s all. They have no additives, preservatives or refined sugar, and no added colours or flavours.

Available in three delicious flavours, Berry (blackcurrant and boysenberry), Green (spinach, lime and a hint of mint), and Gold (passionfruit and carrot), it’s quick and easy to prepare: simply scoop, add chilled water, ice, blend and drink. Plus, there’s always the option to tailor to your taste — add a banana, sprinkle with toppings such as coconut or chia seeds.

Whaiora offers a quick and healthy snack, adds extra nourishment to a smoothie bowl, as a boost before the gym or even a guilt-free dessert. It’s a great way to get some extra vegetables into the children’s diets too.

Whaiora commercial manager, Jason Te Brake, says that between work, home and family, modern life can be hectic.

“We wish we could add more hours to the day, but sadly we’re not magicians. What we can do though is provide a smoothie blend packed with nourishing ingredients from several different food groups.”

The first step in creating the perfect blend was the quest to find the best produce, searching out fruit, vegetables, oats, milk and honey produced in the most natural ways from suppliers aligned with Whaiora values.

“Most importantly, we wanted to find people throughout Aotearoa and beyond who care about nurturing our world as much as we do. It took us a couple of years, but we did it. A real-food smoothie blend,” says Jason.

The value of kaitiakitanga (guardianship) is right at the heart of everything Whaiora does. Every step of the Whaiora process — sourcing, blending and packaging — shows its promise to preserving natural resources for future generations. Whaiora has drawn nourishment from Papatuanuku (earth mother) and knows that to take care of ourselves, we must also take care of our whenua.

Whaiora is available from:

Selected Farro Fresh and Hardy’s Health stores, and Naturally Healthy

Online at

RRP $40

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